Doctor’s Say Max Holloway is Suffering From Stroke Symptoms

Doctor’s Say Max Holloway is Suffering From Stroke Symptoms

Featherweight UFC champion Max Holloway has made headlines after presenting with an untimely and still unknown illness, drawing well-wishes from the majority of the MMA community.

The champ sensationally withdrew from his UFC 226 featherweight title defence against Brian Ortega just a few days out from the showdown after presenting with some odd symptoms during his weight cut.

He presented with concussion-like symptoms and was even sent to hospital by his training team where the diagnosis has still not been made public.

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Speculation of his illness was perpetuated by UFC head honcho Dana White who told Kevin Iole:

“We heard that he was water loading, which is super dangerous. When you water load, and I didn’t know this for those of you out there that might not know, either, there is such thing as water poisoning. And you can actually drink too much water and die from it.”

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Speaking on his own podcast ‘Below the Belt’, Brendan Schaub laid out just how scary the situation was for Holloway.

Saying that he had symptoms synonymous with stroke.

“It got so scary where a doctor was like ‘you know this could be a sign of a small…stroke’…that was the last word I got of it”

After hearing this news, UFC fell a distant second to Max’s health and wellbeing.

To him, the money, the fight, the belt and everything that went along with it fell into insignificance in comparison to his life.

In the wake of the news breaking of Holloway’s ‘indefinite’ absence from the sport, the Ortega camp has called for him to vacate his belt and make way for someone else. But Schaub has urged Ortega to wait for the champ’s return. He also pleaded with his team not to take an interim belt and to hold out for glory.

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“This was my advice to them: Do not take any other fight. They’re gonna say… this is what’s best for you… you do not bend or break. You wait. You only fight for a title.”

His reasoning for such a plea is that bowing to pressure for fights below the pinnacle of the competition are seldom worth it either financially, nor from a satisfaction point of view. If Holloway’s absence is too long, then he can fight for an actual belt, but Ortega was urged not to take anything less.

Check out Schaub’s piece on the player below.

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