Drunk Muay Thai Fighter vs Street Brawler in a Bare-Knuckle Backyard Showdown

Drunk Muay Thai Fighter vs Street Brawler in a Bare-Knuckle Backyard Showdown

A cross-over between fighting codes is always enthralling.

It’s terribly exciting to see how one particular style matches up against something completely different.

The movements are different, the positioning is different, hell even the methods of striking are different.

This was pointed out recently by Brendan Schaub as a reason why some fighters who join the UFC run into strife and don’t live up to expectations.

Below, we have a video that features a fairly unique conflict of styles when a Muay Thai Master matched up against a Bare Knuckle street fighter. The results were unexpected!

Credit: Thai Top Team USA

The martial artist is known as “Master Cha”, he is now an accomplished master of the discipline, having learned since he was just 10 years old.

Chanchai Sitsapahan led an illustrious career in the sport before turning his hand to training. Now in his forties, Cha has overseen the development of some of the best fighters to come out of Thailand.

The fight which was staged in Florida was against a local who was well known as the best street fighter in the district.

Credit: YouTube

The master adopts the drunken form of Muay Thai for the fight, leaning awkwardly before snapping back to action.

The bare-knuckle fighter is easy sucked in by the tactic and goes all out. Master Cha displays why he is one of the best of the best, dodging just about everything that comes his way.

His own kicks and punches are lightning fast and whilst not as heavy hitting as the bare-knuckle fighter, eventually, wear him down.

After a few minutes, it is pretty clear that the local is exhausted, after punching himself out of the fight.

A swift kick knocks him down, but he is able to get back to his feet before the ref gets to ten.

But the fight doesn’t last too much longer, with Mr Cha delivering one of the best roundhouse kicks a “drunk master” could execute. He collects the man knocking him out cold.

Credit: YouTube

Watch the devastating fight on the player below.