Eddie Alvarez Almost Got Slept By Shaquille O’Neal On Live Television

Eddie Alvarez Almost Got Slept By Shaquille O’Neal On Live Television

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the biggest men ever to walk the earth. Standing at 7.1 and well over 150kg, post-playing career, O’Neill was a devastating player and also knew how to swing a fist.

This was best remembered after he reacted to Charles Barkley throwing a ball at his head by throwing a full on haymaker and inciting an all-in-brawl for the ages.

But aside from that, who knew the gentle giant was also a bit of a handy MMA fighter?

O’Neal trained from 2000 in BJJ to supplement his basketball training.

Credit: Reddit / TNT

He expressed his desire a number of times to take on fellow giant Choi Hong-man, but the fight never eventuated. O’Neal is also a trained police officer and one that would ensure that any potential felon stayed on the right side of the law.

O’Neal is still a big part of mainstream media, appearing on TNT’s Inside the NBA amidst special appearances on a variety of basketball-related shows. You could tell that fighting is in Shaq’s blood when MMA greats Eddie Alvarez and Sage Northcutt joined the hosts of the show for an exhibition and demonstration of popular MMS techniques.

Credit: TNT

After a quick run through, the panel laid significant peer pressure on Shaq to have a go at kicking the pads that Eddie was holding. Well, there is power generated by trained fighters, then there is power generated by an impressively big unit. And Shaq had a bit of both. Without even breaking into a proper stance, Shaq delivered his first nonchalant kick that thundered into the pads.

His second and third kicks, he put increasingly more effort into with the third one lifting Alvarez off his feet sending him sprawling backwards. Shaq’s power is damn impressive and his huge tree-trunk thighs are able to deliver a hell of a lot of force.

Credit: MMA Mania / TNT

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