Meet The Teenager Who Has Been Manufactured Into A ‘Superhuman’

Meet The Teenager Who Has Been Manufactured Into A ‘Superhuman’

We have all seen and may have even experienced the sad nature of an overbearing parent.

To the outsider, it is plainly obvious that parents push their kids to be everything they weren’t so they can live vicariously through them.

Often this is associated with hours of torturous piano practice or maths study. But sometimes parents take it to an extreme level as we are about to see.

The boy is Josh McKenzie, and his uncle Bill is his coach, mentor and creator.

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Josh is simply an athletic freak.

His prowess, however, is not strictly genetic, it is ‘engineered’. In a rags-to-riches story, Josh was removed from his cockroach-infested household and went to live with his uncle. From there, under Bill’s guidance and mentorship, he began training.

And training hard!

It started as a bit of fun, but quickly, Josh realised his potential and the mental fortitude and purpose he gained from such a strict regimen started to pay off.

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Josh is 175cm tall and weighs 82 kg.

His 4500 calorie-per-day food intake allows him to train like an absolute freak. His team involves 10 trainers that cover health and nutrition, mental focus and training in different disciplines.

He can bench 1.5 times his body weight, squat nearly 200 kg (nearly 2.5x) and standing leap to the height of a car. What the hell!?

He is the top wrestler, a stand out gridiron player and a training prodigy.

But despite all this training, Josh has maintained his high school work standard as well. Repeating the eighth grade was a tactical decision for his athletic pursuits.

This decision was made so he would stand out more against kids a shade younger than him at draft combines and the like.

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His training has gone on for nearly 10 years and the fifteen-year-old has aspirations of an NFL berth with MMA, a fallback option. Given his dedication and devotion to his body coupled with his wrestling accolades, he would be a formidable opponent in the cage!

Check out his NFL highlights below and see how he is streets ahead of his peers!

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