Fat Joe Recalls Incredible Mike Tyson Story: ‘We’re About To Get Knocked Out’

Fat Joe Recalls Incredible Mike Tyson Story: ‘We’re About To Get Knocked Out’

Imagine if you got yourself in deep sh*t and were able to call on anyone, absolutely anyone, to appear out of nowhere to back you up and come to your aid: who would you pick? Connor McGregor? Bruce Lee? Mike Tyson? On the basis of name alone, I’d be going with Tyson. It’d be a dream – but for Fat Joe, that dream is a reality. Check out this story…

Having been a huge part of the hip-hop scene since way back in the day, Fat Joe has been around the block. It was his Terror Squad label that signed Big Pun and that means the two used to hang out a fair bit.

Credit: Highly Questionable

When Fat Joe guested on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, he recounted a story about the two of them hanging out and getting themselves into a pretty dangerous situation with some bouncers.

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The two were visiting The Tunnel, a notorious nightspot that Fat Joe says was the kind of place people were shot and robbed all the time. Eventually, “Security says, ‘let’s just beat up Fat Joe and Big Pun’ and I’m like, ‘Big Pun, we about to get knocked out!’”

As the situation escalated and it looked like the two of them were going to have to throw fists with eight huge security guards, a tiny voice piped up from behind them, “Yo, Pun! Yo, Joe! Let’s f**k these dudes up. I got yo backs.”

Fat Joe and Mike Tyson. Credit: Pinterest

As Joe tells it, Tyson was fresh out of prison, rocking an Islamic kufi, at two-thirty in the morning. The scene Joe describes is mental. Tyson, in all his youthful and unhinged glory ended up chasing the security guard around the car park and getting the two rappers out of trouble.

The story’s way better when Fat Joe tells it. Check it out in the video player down below. Hit up the comments to let us know any other crazy Mike Tyson stories you’ve heard.

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