MMA Fighter Dressed As Stone Cold Wins By KO & Stunners His Trainer

MMA Fighter Dressed As Stone Cold Wins By KO & Stunners His Trainer

If you’re an MMA fighter, being a showman is fast becoming one of the key secondary requirements for the job.

There are not many fighters that don’t engage the crowd to strengthen, not only their own personal brand but that of the competition at large.

Think of the way now-retired Irish fighter Conor McGregor handled himself and carried on during his career.

But the engagement that he generated meant that other fighters could not shy away, they had to try to compete!

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Fighters have, for decades, entered the arena backed by their favourite songs with, perhaps a member of their posse carrying their accolades. But that doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and fighters seek to up the ante with over-the-top WWE-style entrances.

It is now an opportunity to show a slice of the fighter’s personality to the adoring crowd.

Bellator stalwart David Rickels did just that by entering the arena dressed as WWE fan-favorite Steve Austin at Bellator 219.

The crowd loved it! But much like wearing Michael Jordan’s number 23 on the basketball court, if you’re going to channel the great ‘Stone Cold’, you’re going to have to back it up with a pretty decent showing in the cage.

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Rickels made his Bellator debut in 2011 after a successful 5-fight streak in lower-level competitions in Kansas. With a successful 21-5 record, Rickels even squared off for the Bellator Lightweight Championship in 2013 against Michael Chandler. Chandler absolutely dominated the 44-second affair with Rickels copping a first-round KO. Since then, he has straddled the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

At Bellator 219, Rickels came up against A.J Matthews, a man who had lost 5 of his last 6 fights. The two wasted no time getting down to it, trading punches like men possessed. Defence seemed to be a secondary priority as the two nearly K.O’d each other simultaneously. But it would be Rickels who would take it out in the second round, celebrating in outstanding WWE style, thus completing his motif for the evening!

Credit: MMA Junkie

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