Floyd Mayweather Snr Just Got Dropped in Sparring Exchange At His Son’s Gym

Floyd Mayweather Snr Just Got Dropped in Sparring Exchange At His Son’s Gym

Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. What some younger fans don’t know is that he comes from an impressive dynasty of fighters. Both Floyd’s father Floyd Sr, and his uncles Roger, and Jeff, both boxed extensively as professionals, with Roger having the most success being a four-time world champion.

Floyd’s father Floyd Sr is most famous for his time training fighters, such as Oscar De La Hoya, Chad Dawson, and Laila Ali. Despite having retired from professional competition in 1990, and currently being in his 60’s Floyd Sr still finds time to get some rounds of sparring in.

In one of the funniest sparring videos of all time, Mayweather famously got into the ring with a self-proclaimed undefeated boxer, and known internet troll Charlie Zelenoff. After proving to be technically superior to Zelenoff, landing seemingly at will on his much younger opponent, Floyd Sr turned away. With his back turned to Zelenoff, the troll hit him with a sucker punch in his own gym provoking one of Floyd Sr’s fighters to jump into the ring and make the troll regret his actions.

Despite his experience with Zelenoff, Floyd Sr clearly hasn’t been discouraged from continuing to step into the ring and test his skills through sparring, even at the ripe old age of 66.

While sparring this week at his sons The Money Team gym, Floyd Sr stepped into the ring with a much younger boxer.

Showing that he still has the lightning fast speed that defined his in-ring career, Floyd Sr landed a stiff jab on his opponent.

When the young boxer responded with a multi-punch flurry, the elder Mayweather was caught clean and ended up dropping to the mat with his legs in the air. A life in boxing will have made him tough though and we’re sure that Floyd Sr will fully recover and even probably be back in the ring before long.