Mayweather’s Opponent Tenshin Just Got Scored Another Savage Knockout

Mayweather’s Opponent Tenshin Just Got Scored Another Savage Knockout

As Floyd Mayweather continues his antics of building hype for a number of potential upcoming fights, including a rumoured rematch with Manny Pacquiao, his on-again-off-again Japanese opponent Tenshin Nasukawa continues to beat all those put in front of him in kickboxing.

Although the contest between Mayweather and Nasukawa, now expected to be a three-round exhibition bout, is shrouded in controversy and doubts, the young kickboxers talents are clear to see. Aged just 20, Nasukawa has already racked up an undefeated record across 4 MMA fights and also has a perfect 28-0 record in kickboxing.

Seemingly unbothered by all the hype and confusion surrounding his fight with Mayweather, Nasukawa has continued doing his thing in kickboxing and this weekend was no different. 

In a fight against Taiki Naito, Tenshin looked every bit the incredible prospect that so many in the Japanese combat sports world are proclaiming him to be.

When the two fought this Saturday Tenshin displayed the stone-cold efficiency that has made him a nightmare for opponents thus far. Naito struggled to land anything effective, while Tenshin consistently punished his opponent for his failed attempts with chopping low kicks.

It didn’t take long in the fight for it to become clear that Nasukawa had managed to find his range as he continually landed straight punches through his opponent’s guard.

Just over a minute into the fight, Naito bounced off the ropes unable to avert Tenshin’s pressure boxing before getting dropped with a picture-perfect straight right hand.


Naito displayed the bushido spirit and got up after being dropped but the fight was already effectively over.

Like a predator rushing in to finish off a wounded animal, Tenshin didn’t give Naito a moment to recover, throwing a barrage of punches at his opponent, and again dropping him.

Incredibly, Naito still found the will to get back to his feet and will now probably wish he didn’t. Tenshin showed no mercy and finished his fellow countryman with a knee to the body and a flurry of punches.

It remains to be seen just how Nasukawa’s fight with Money Mayweather will go down but if this bout is any indication, the young Japanese fighter will be going into their fight with every intention of ending Mayweather’s undefeated streak.