Former UFC Fighter Rescues Woman From Brutal Attack Outside Nightclub

Former UFC Fighter Rescues Woman From Brutal Attack Outside Nightclub

One of the first things you learn in any Martial Arts-based sport is when to use it. Fighting is something that can be used to defend oneself or to defend others. When used properly it is a wonderful thing to be able to quell situations quickly and ensure no one gets unduly hurt. So when a young woman left a nightclub in Sarajevo with an unwanted man in tow last year, she was very lucky there was a professional fighter watching over her.

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Denis Stojnic enjoyed a successful fighting career in the UFc and other various competitions. The Bosnian champ finished with a 13-3 record and standing at 6’0” and weighing a whopping 282 pounds the man is thick AF and a force to be reckoned with. Now a nightclub owner, when he noticed the man tail the woman out of his club on the security footage, he was quick to take action and intervene.

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The creepy footage below sees the woman followed by the man in the yellow jack who accosts her and assaults her. Dragging her over behind a car, the assault continues as she struggles. It is not easy to tell if it is of a sexual nature and we are glad that Stojnic was able to intervene quickly.


He approaches, pops the guy with a straight right to the face before wrestling him to the ground. The men are obscured from view of the CCTV, and luckily so, because it looks like the ex-fighter gives him a hell of a thorough beating. The woman was unwilling to press charges, indicating that he may have had punishment enough.

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“When I saw on my video controller, Dorian Gray, that a huge man even proportions physically higher than me, striking a female person with a fisted fist in my head, I immediately ran out and reacted so that they were protected from the perpetrators.

“I conquered it and finally we accompanied the girl along with her security to a taxi, and she did not want to report this case to the police.

“Unfortunately, in our country violence against women is becoming more and more and my duty as a man, a citizen, and then only owners of objects is that everyone in my facilities feels safe, especially women, because they are some kind of children, sisters, mothers and weaker ones and the more gentle gender.”

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