Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin Is Interested in Joining The UFC

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin Is Interested in Joining The UFC

Ever popular and undefeated middleweight champion boxer Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) has thrown kindling on the sparks that are rumours that we will, one day, see him in the octagon.

And before readers turn their heads away, we should all be reminded that that is exactly how McGregor started stirring the pot for his foray into professional boxing.

Speaking with Megan Olivi backstage at UFC 226, ‘Triple G’ discussed his previous and upcoming fights against Canelo Alvarez which have been widely publicised.

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Golovkin is in hardcore training for the second showdown on September 15.

Falling one day before Mexican Independence Day, a huge worldwide audience is expected to tune in.

A large portion of this audience will be from Mexico, there to cheer on Alvarez who will return after testing positive for banned substance, clenbuterol, in March this year.

The showdown was supposed to be fought on May 5th, however, American Vanes Martirosyan had to step in as the fight was cancelled.

This move meant the GGG was stripped of his IBF title as he did not comply with the rules set forth for the Martirosyan fight.

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During his interview at UFC 226, GGG said:

“I had a good experience from the first fight. Right now, [I] just want to a little bit [sic] change my performance. I know what I need for my second fight.

Right now, we have a different situation. Different emotions, different business deal, just everything. Right now it’s a very interesting and very dangerous situation for us.

I feel this energy. Everybody likes (Conor McGregor). He is a very good athlete, a professional fighter.

The last fight with Floyd, he went into boxing, this was difficult for him, but he looked good. I think if Mayweather would come to the UFC, it would be a very different story.

I Like so many fighters, many champions-men and women, I can’t say (who is favouriter because everybody is different.

I am enjoying my life, I like sport, this is a true sport. Conor, Khabib, these guys are a different level, not like everybody.”

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And the kicker; when asked about stepping into the cage at some point:

“Absolutely, why not? It’s a sport, I am a professional athlete.

So many people have good experiences from fighting, you know? Right now I’m going to the arena to enjoy (UFC 226)”

This is tantalising news for UFC fans who could see one of the best strikers in the business crossover into their world.

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