Girl Throws Urine At Male Student Then Gets Dose of Instant Karma

Girl Throws Urine At Male Student Then Gets Dose of Instant Karma

As angry as we get, as men, we shouldn’t hit women.

Which is a bit of a grey area for some as they believe the new age of equality to be all-encompassing.

But general hormonal differences, as well as physiological differences in size and strength, give men an unfair advantage, ceteris paribus.

So unless one can prove that it will be equal, which is difficult to do, it is a social given that violence from women towards women is a horrendous act.

A school kid in the clip below breaks this golden rule, but as you can see he was pushed pretty far by a fellow female student.

Credit: Smack His Face

So the clip below opens with a group of friends sitting down at the school cafeteria in the US. One of the girl’s friends, who is in on the stunt, is recording the whole thing.

As the cameraperson brings their phone out of concealment, we see a boy in an orange backpack sitting at the table eating normally.

We don’t know what the guy did to deserve to be the recipient of such an act, but a girl comes behind him and reportedly poured a small cup of urine down his back and over his head.

The absolutely gross attack takes a while to sink in. Perhaps he is hoping it was just green tea. But green tea it isn’t…it is hot piss.

Credit: Smack His Face

Well, the girl has put some distance between herself and the guy and stands defiantly at the end of the table. The boy calmly removes his backpack, and exiting the table, pulls up his baggy jeans a fraction. He approaches the girl, pauses for effect, and then unleashes a brutal strike that connects with the girl’s face.

Credit: Smack His Face

She goes apesh*t back at him and the two engage in a wrestle that sees he beaten very badly. A teacher who has some serious training comes in and masterfully drags the boy off her and begins escorting him out the door. The girl is trying to get a piece of him, but the teacher is able to fend her off as well. It is super work.

Check out the disgraceful footage below. Perhaps words would have been better here!