GSP ‘Confesses’ to Poisoning Nick Diaz Prior to Title Fight

GSP ‘Confesses’ to Poisoning Nick Diaz Prior to Title Fight

Georges St-Pierre is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished Mixed Martial Arts fighters of all time.

Not only did he have one of the most storied careers in UFC history between 2004 and 2013, winning the UFC Welterweight Championship twice.

He also returned after a four-year-absence to dethrone reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping to become one of just four men who have won UFC belts in multiple weight classes.

St-Pierre became popular not only for his fighting style but also for his good looks and his perceived clean-cut media image.

The Canadian was professionalism personified and had started to earn a number of detractors in the MMA world for his ultra-efficient, conservative fighting style.

Concurrent to GSP’s meteoric rise in the UFC, a welterweight in the then-second largest MMA promotion Strikeforce, was going through his own dominant streak as the promotions welterweight king.

Despite their similar success stories, Nick Diaz was the antithesis of George St-Pierre in almost every way. Unlike Georges constant professionalism and comparatively good upbringing, Diaz drew his inspiration to fight from his determination to escape the circumstances he grew up in.

In terms of fighting styles the two men also couldn’t be more different, Georges became known for his mastery of game planning, ensuring he could utilise his opponent’s weaknesses to his advantage.

Diaz on the other hand, often fought with reckless abandon forcing his opponents into deep waters with his tireless pressure boxing and high-level submission game.

Following the UFC’s acquisition of Strikeforce, the two men would finally face off at UFC 158, but the contest wasn’t without controversy.

Diaz complained that before the fight his IV was poisoned, leading him to feel drowsy and was suspicious about how GSP had had his hands wrapped.

In any case, when the fight finally took place GSP used his superior wrestling to dictate where the fight took place throughout, eventually cruising to a dominant unanimous decision win.

In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, GSP sarcastically responded to the accusations in hilarious fashion:

“I gotta confess, Joe. I gotta confess.

I was so scared of fighting Nick Diaz so we poisoned his IV. But he survived so I was even more terrified, so all the athletic commission was on my payroll so they tricked the weigh-in and I made it. But he went through… so I was even more terrified, so the alien abducted me and put the gamma rays to increase my strength like the Hulk, like a performance enhancing drug.

But the fight was still happening so right before I put some glass and cement in my gloves to make sure, and I still had a crazy hard fight. [Laughs].”

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