Man Has a Surreal Fist-Fight With A Monkey After It Urinated on His Bike

Man Has a Surreal Fist-Fight With A Monkey After It Urinated on His Bike

Motorcyclists come in all shapes and sizes. You have the extremes of big, fat tough guys and you have the skinny European-influenced Vesper riders at the other end of the scale. But no matter the rider, the commonality is that they are all thrill seekers to some degree, risking the elements, and other motorists as they take their lives into their own hands each day on the roads. But something that motorcyclists don’t generally have to deal with is monkeys, which makes the clip below absolutely hilarious.

Credit: YouTube

A biker has parked on the side of the road somewhere in Asia. When he returns he and his friend find that an intruder has taken over his bike. Monkeys are a funny bunch, bridging the gap between the animal and human world. Their personalities range from mischievous to scary and they can become very territorial when they take ownership of a piece of property.

Credit: WT Fun Vids

The monkey in the clip has already pissed all over the poor guy’s bike. But the bikers still find it hilarious. They yell and scream at the monkey to try to get his to move on, but the monkey is having none of it. The primate then proceeds to take a bit out of his fine leather upholstery! That’s it! The biker hurls a shoe at the monkey and hits him.

Well, the monkey is having none of it. Not to be made to look like a mug, he jumps off the bike and sprints towards the biker. After chasing the biker to the river bank, the two engage in a hilarious fist fight! The biker is down on his knees to make things fairer. Also probably to prevent the monkey from taking a chunk out of his ankle!

Credit: Metro

After some argy-bargy, the man gets fed up and throws sand in the monkey’s eyes, blinding him, the poor thing! Realising that he has lost, the monkey flees to the river and makes his escape.

Check out the hilarious action on the player here.