Guy Kisses Woman’s Boob Live on TV Despite Her Repeatedly Saying No

Guy Kisses Woman’s Boob Live on TV Despite Her Repeatedly Saying No

A woman portraying Kim Kardashian on a French game show was kissed on the breasts by TV presenter, despite her repeatedly telling him no.

The incident occurred on the TV show TPMP (Touche pas à mon poste!) translated into English as It’s Only TV.  

This particular show saw presenter Cyril Hanouna attempt to break a French record by appearing on TV for 35 consecutive hours.

The show has proved to be a hit among fans in France, having regularly drawn over 1 million viewers since its debut back in 2010.

The kissing incident occurred when the show’s participants reenacted the events of the robbery of Kim Kardashian that took place in October 2016.

The robbery saw men impersonating police officers bound and gag the American socialite before stealing over $10 million dollars in jewellery.

In the French TV reenactment of the robbery, 21-year-old dancer Soraya Riffi played the role of Kim Kardashian. After presenter Jean-Michel Maire ‘freed’ Riffi, he suggested that she should give him a kiss as a means of compensation.

Despite the fact that Riffi repeatedly declined her co-star’s advances, he continued to persist. After outrightly stating that she didn’t want to kiss anyone, the Maire instead decided to plant a kiss on her exposed cleavage.

Unsurprisingly viewers were not happy seeing someone being kissed against there will on live TV, and the French TV and radio regulating body CSA received a number of complaints.

In an interview following the incident, Riffi explained that she found her coworker’s behaviour unprofessional. Note: Quotes have been translated.

I did not find the gesture of Jean-Michel Maire very professional. I knew my family was watching me. I did not know how to react, it shows on the video.

Yes, I reflect a certain image, I know it, but I have a personality. I am intelligent. I am a human being, not just an object!

I want to remind you that I also played Kim Kardashian . It happens to me to dress like that, yes, but it’s not because I have a cleavage that it means that it must be kissed without my agreement.

It’s not the first time a TV show presenter has completely disregarded the personal space of others, however. Fergie Olver, the host of 1980’s children’s game show Just Like Mom, was outed on the internet for his behaviour that would be considered hugely inappropriate in today’s world.

In this footage, the former sportsman repeatedly asks the underage contestants for kisses, leading to a hugely uncomfortable watch when seen under a modern lens.