Heartbreaking Moment As Anderson Silva Bursts Into Tears at UFC 234 Weigh-in

Heartbreaking Moment As Anderson Silva Bursts Into Tears at UFC 234 Weigh-in

The co-main event of UFC 234 between Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya will answer a lot of questions in the middleweight division. With the winner of the fight guaranteed a title shot at the winner of the Kelvin Gastelum Vs. Robert Whittaker fight, there’s certainly a lot on the line for both men.

However, this fight represents two completely different points in the two combatants careers. Adesanya is currently undefeated in the UFC and in MMA, having amassed an impressive 4-0 record in 2018 alone. This bout represents the first time he has been the co-main event of a UFC pay per view and is likely only the start of a long career at the top of the card.

Adesanya recently shared a post on Instagram showing how he had always been a fan of his opponent tonight, stating that he is the greatest ever pound-for-pound fighter.

Anderson Silva, however, is clearly nearing the end of his time in mixed martial arts. This bout will be the 23rd time the 43-year-old will enter the UFC Octagon and the first time in nearly two years that he has done so. Regardless of the result of tonight’s bout, it is clear that Silva’s time in the UFC is coming to an end.

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Quando falo de valor, não estou me referindo a preço (dinheiro), mas sim a algo inestimável como é o caso da Felicidade. Quando compramos algo que queremos, sentimos uma felicidade momentânea.
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At the weigh-ins yesterday it was clear that the knowledge that he tonight’s fight will be one of the final times he will perform for the UFC’s fans clearly was upsetting Silva. When he squared off against Adesanya yesterday Silva was a far cry from the fighter who wore a mask to aggravate Vitor Belfort or the one who shoulder checked Chael Sonnen in the leadup to their momentous rematch at UFC 148.

Instead, Silva seemed entirely calm when facing off with his opponent, but was clearly overwhelmed with emotion when Jon Anik went to interview him. When he finally managed to speak, Silva noted that he had devoted his entire life to the sport of MMA, and thanked the fans promising them a great show in tonight’s co-main event.