Max Holloway Just Beat Up Brian Ortega So Bad The Fight Doctor Was Forced To Intervene

Max Holloway Just Beat Up Brian Ortega So Bad The Fight Doctor Was Forced To Intervene

Tonight the two best MMA featherweights on the planet finally squared off. A fight between Max Holloway and Brian Ortega was always destined for main event status and tonight UFC fans were treated to an exhibition of some of the highest level fighting in the history of the organisation.

Of course, tonight wasn’t the first time that the Blessed one and T City had been scheduled to face off. The pair had been originally booked to fight one another back at UFC 226. Unfortunately that night Holloway had to be pulled from the bout after he exhibited concussion-like symptoms just days prior to the event. Since then though the pair has been itching to face off.

Neither man had fought since that incident, with Ortega preferring to wait for his opportunity to challenge for the title after he had already fought his way through the elite of the division at 145 lbs.

During the pre-event press conference on Wednesday, both men attempted to sway the crowd towards their side. Holloway repeatedly referred to the country of Canada as the tenth island, a reference to his home state of Hawaii. Meanwhile, Ortega told the crowd that his T City nickname was influenced by the city of Toronto, where the fight was scheduled to be held. The press conference also showed just how much respect both men had for their opponent, with Ortega saying how his primary concern was that both men left the Octogan tonight without being seriously injured.

Despite many in the MMA community expressing concerns that Holloway would be unable to make the 145 lbs featherweight limit, the defending champion showed at the weigh-ins that the cut was still entirely doable for him.

When the time came to weigh-in both men stepped on the scale at 145 lbs or under, despite fears from some that Holloway would struggle to make championship weight after he suffered complications earlier this year forcing him to pull out of a prospective bout with now-UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at 155 lbs back at UFC 223.


Max Holloway completely dominated and outclassed Brian Ortega during the UFC 231 main event. Ortega showed a strong chin and massive heart, but Holloway proved that he was just on a completely different level as he defended his title.