Much Hyped Prospect ‘Shorty’ Torres Eliminated By 42 Punch Combination

Much Hyped Prospect ‘Shorty’ Torres Eliminated By 42 Punch Combination

When fighters get a run on in the higher levels of professional fighting, it is a magical thing. Think about how much of a struggle it is to get an opponent on the back foot, so much so that you can unleash and go to town on them!

Despite them training just as much as you, you have outdone them. It’s a game of inches, in which you have outreached your opponent.

The footage below shows an outstanding barrage of strikes thrown by Alex Perez in his sterling win over up and comer Jose “Shorty” Torres.

Torres was hot stuff before the fight, and let’s face it, still is.

He was administered his first loss at pro level at the hands of Perez.

He burst onto the UFC with a slam KO over Jarred Brooks in June this year.

This came after an undefeated amateur career and a dominating 6-0 run in Titan FC.

Perez, on the other hand, is a way more experienced fighter.

Despite being the same age, he has another five or so years in the cage than Torres and has been on the receiving end of four losses for his 21 wins.

Credit: Team Shorty

The UFC 227 fight was over in the first round with Perez gaining the upper hand over Torres nice and early on.

In one of the highlights of the night, Perez’s outstanding 42-strike combination caught the attention of fans, fellow fighters and commentators around the world.

Credit: Nature is Metal

Much like in the Street Fighter video games where the fight isn’t over until the recipient of the strikes hit the deck, it appeared at the time that Perez was able to keep Torres on his feet with the timing of his punches.

Ever down to earth, Perez, who is touted to drop weight for a flyweight title run said:

“It’s a tough weight cut because I’m a fat ass. I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t party. I love to eat, though.”

Credit: MMA Junkie

Have a look at the phenomenal action on the player below.

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