Inebriated Boxer Starches Innocent Man With Cowardly Act, Then Poses For Selfies

Inebriated Boxer Starches Innocent Man With Cowardly Act, Then Poses For Selfies

Make no mistake: a Coward Punch, also known as a Sucker Punch, is one of the most grotesque things a human can do to the other.

Not only is it cowardly, as the name implies, but the damage that can be caused by such a blow is irreversible.

Too many men (mainly) have died as a result of either the punch itself or a subsequent head-knock that has knocked them out causing trauma.

So when 19-year-old Caleb Maruku stepped into an altercation between two men last year, it was an ugly scene.

Credit: Seven Network Australia

Marulu can be seen in the footage below, sidling in as one of the men focuses on the other.

Out of nowhere, the apparently trained boxer delivers an astoundingly hard right hook to the man’s jaw and he falls, listlessly to the ground. He was treated by ambulance staff at the scene and was incredibly lucky not to die.

Credit: Seven Network Australia

Maruku was arrested and charged with assault as well as violating terms of a ban he had in the precinct.

It seems he had a history of antisocial behaviour that had landed him in strife before. He faced court but escaped with a year’s probation and a fine.

It is fair to say that if the young man he hit had have been more gravely injured, or had died, that Maruku would face imprisonment.

Unbelievably, the young New Zealander showed no remorse for his crime as he posed for selfies and laughed as he left court.

The disgusting conduct drew vast criticism the world over.

A petition for his deportation gained a staggering 50,000 signatures.

Professional boxers called him out to fight for charity, just so they could show him what a coward he really was.

He reportedly took one of the offers up.

Credit: Seven Network Australia

Whilst he may have been laughing as he left caught, thinking he had gotten off lightly, the legal system wasn’t done yet.

Not by a long shot. Australian Border Security took Maruku into custody recently holding him until his deportation back to New Zealand.

Check out the gross attack on the player below.