Jean Claude Van-Damme Forced To Eliminate A Fan After Getting Head Kicked By Him

Jean Claude Van-Damme Forced To Eliminate A Fan After Getting Head Kicked By Him

Legendary Martial Artist and film star Jean Claude Van Damme is a farce to be reckoned with. It is hard to believe the Belgian star is now fast approaching the ripe of age of 60. Not that his hayday wasn’t a good 25 years ago, but by looking at him, you would be forgiving to think he is 20 years younger. The Street Fighter star keeps in great shape with his trademark flexibility still at the fore.

During a tour in Australia recently, Van Damme got a bit more than he bargained for! ‘An Evening with Jean Claude Van Damme – Unscripted and Unplugged.’ lived up to its name with an unscripted shot to the head drawing a shocked reaction from the crowd and going viral on social media.

Credit: Daily Mail

A lucky fan was asked to come up on stage to be part of a demonstration. The guy is in pretty good shape and well has carrying some decent size. Van Damme looks to have sized him up as he introduces the piece. He asks the fan to kick him in the head. Given his lighting fast reactions, his experience and the fan’s likely expertise, no doubt Van Damme isn’t scared by what is coming. But the fan surprises Jean Claude by landing a swift kick, catching him on the side of the head.

Credit: Den of Geek

The strike isn’t had, but it does knock the Bloodsport star’s baseball cap to the side. The crowd gasps, some clap, others murmur. But Jean Claude – ever the professional isn’t deterred. He has definitely had worse as we saw in the Kickboxer series.

Credit: Netflix

Instead of flipping out and carrying on, Van Damm proceeds to use the fan as a punching bag, demonstrating a variety of different kicks. The fan must have loved it, getting the chance to be manhandled by his idol. That is until he receives a nice mid-body kick that knocks the wind out of him. It’s all in good fun and the two shake hands and embrace.

Check out the fun on the player below.