UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Today Shared His Thoughts On UFC229 Mayhem

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Today Shared His Thoughts On UFC229 Mayhem

Joe Rogan is one of the most respected voices in MMA. Often bridging the gaps between the barbaric nature of the beloved sport, Rogan is widely known as a voice of reason, or someone who thinks through his responses and someone who is sensible.

Well, as the mayhem of UFC 229 unfolded around him one can only imagine the disgust he felt at the sport that gives him his livelihood descending into chaos the way it did.

Forming part of the broadcast team of the UFC means he must remain somewhat impartial to the events that go on, whether Rogan agrees or disagrees with something.

He is always a professional face, an impartial entity to be the mouthpiece for fans and merely report rather than judge.

Many fans were outraged at his appeared bias AGAINST Khabib in his fight against Al Iaquinta, but Khabib’s head coach was quick to agree with Rogan’s assessment.

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With this in mind, Rogan issued a Facebook post that gave his thoughts on Nurmagomedov vs McGregor:

“All unfortunate post fight antics aside, we got all our questions answered in the fight itself.

@khabib_nurmagomedov is one truly special talent and that was a fucking mauling.

I hope they sort out whatever legal issues arise from the post fight brawl, and I hope we never see anything like that again, but as a fan of mixed martial arts his performance was an amazing thing to watch.”

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One man who does not need to remain impartial is UFC chief Dana White. He was quick to go into crisis management mode after the mayhem that followed the main card.

He denounced the acts, tried to recover the sport’s reputation and promised to issue those involved with penalties.

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In an interview following the fight, White said:

“The guys who jumped in will never fight here again.

“I’ve been working hard to promote this sport, this is not what a mixed martial arts event is normally like.”

Rogan today had Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh on his podcast, which is definitely worth a listen in the aftermath of the fight.

Check out what Dana White had to say about the brawl, post-UFC 229.