Joe Rogan Takes Down Huge Elk From 70 Metres With A Bow And Arrow

Joe Rogan Takes Down Huge Elk From 70 Metres With A Bow And Arrow

Joe Rogan is a hell of an interesting guy.

The colour commentator and face of the UFC in many ways, also runs his own incredibly popular podcast that broaches a hugely diverse range of topics.

This makes Rogan incredibly knowledgeable and a man who has a real passion for life. One of Rogan’s many pursuits is bowhunting and archery in general. The clip below shows some of his mad skills in this area when he took out a huge elk on a recent hunting trip.

Rogan really is no slouch when it comes to handling a bow and arrow. He describes himself as having an addictive personality and Bow hunting is a worthy discipline that takes years to master and he has a huge interest in the sport.

Credit: eBaums World

When it comes to hunting though, Rogan doesn’t think the general public has a huge grasp on just how daunting hunting it, or the hard work that goes into it.

Rogan describes how you have to be in shape to be a hunter as the sport involves endurance as hunter need to be able to hike over huge distances when tracking animals. It also required years of built up knowledge of the animals’ habits, the way they move and behave. The adrenaline-inducing sport means that hunters also need to learn how to control their fear. On top of this, one needs to be a good shot in order to ensure the animal does not suffer undue pain at the hunter’s hands.

Credit: Instagram / Joe Rogan

Rogan is a huge advocate of respecting the animals that are hunted. Rogan says that the only meat that he consumes is the meat that he hunts. This is something that the general population don’t really understand as they get their meat pre-packaged from a store. Rogan is sick of the way that hunting is perceived and the bad wrap that it gets from those who don’t understand it. Through his podcast, Rogan has been able to convey the respect and reverence that hunters have for the environment and fauna that have sustained humans for thousands of years.

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Check out the clip below as Rogan embarks on a bow-hunt with his buddy John Dudley, yielding an amazing result from 75 yards away.