John Gotti’s Grandson Does It Again! Wins MMA Bout In Devastating Fashion

John Gotti’s Grandson Does It Again! Wins MMA Bout In Devastating Fashion

John Gotti has scored an impressive TKO against Eddie Haws in Westbury, New York.

Gotti was solid in just his second pro bout, after a sensational debut win last year. The nature of this second win was a lot more impressive from both a technical and speed perspective.

The fight lasted a mere 30 seconds with the young New Yorker getting the ground and pound win over Haws with apparent ease, much to the delight of the local crowd.

Gotti’s hand skills and in particular counter-punching skills were on display in his crushing win.

As Haws advanced on the local, he was met with a short hard jab that not only connected but knocked ‘The Sledgehammer’ down.

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From there it was easy pickings for Gotti who had the fight waved off with 32 seconds showing.

Gotti is the grandson of notorious Gambino chief of the same name. Gotti rose to power in the mid-1980s after a successful succession of Paul Castellano.

After several years leading the family, he was incarcerated in 1992. He lived out the rest of his days in custody, succumbing to throat cancer in 2002.

Gotti is portrayed by John Travolta in the upcoming biographical drama movie, ‘Gotti’, to be released later this year.

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His son, John Gotti Jr. assumed the title has the head of the Gambino family, albeit unofficially.

The fighter’s father also served time, 6 years for racketeering. Gotti Jr. has said he has since left the family and wants nothing to do with his former life.

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But despite the notoriety of his father and grandfather before him, Gotti III is making a name for himself in his own right as a fighter.

The Welterweight is now 2-0, a good start by any standard and will look to continue this record booking more upcoming fights.

Check out the stunning finish here:

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