That Time Jon Jones Pulled Off A Once In A Lifetime Choke On Lyoto Machida

That Time Jon Jones Pulled Off A Once In A Lifetime Choke On Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones is a polarising fighter. Wildly exciting when he fights, the American has disappointed fans, failing drug tests that have threatened not only his legacy as an amazing fighter but the wider integrity of the sport. Jones rose fast, gaining a UFC berth after only 5 pro-fights and with the exception of one DQ, he has an unblemished record in the cage. One of his more famous victories came way back in 2011, 7 years ago, when a 24-year-old Jones defended his Light Heavyweight title in one of the most unlikely ways possible.

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The first and much of the second round were pretty even, but a rapidly-tiring Lyoto Machida got himself into a precarious position, pushed up against the cage as the round was coming to a close. The title fight and main event of UFC 140 was Jones’ fourth fight in his first year holding the belt.

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As the clock counted down, Jones managed to get a vital hold on Machida’s throat and the Brazilian found himself in a race against the clock. But with 4 seconds remaining in the round, Machida’s eyes rolled back, the referee John McCarthy waving the fight off and Jones released his hold. It was too late though and a defiant Machida collapsed to the ground where he was attended to by medical staff.

Post-fight, Joe Rogan commended the standing guillotine:

Rogan: Now let’s take a look at the standing guillotine where you put him to sleep; you caught him first with this left hand , and then when you locked up — not only did you lock in the guillotine, you used your hand to push it up and forward, really twisting his neck in a horrible angle … is this how you do this choke all the time?

Jones: Yeah, you know … it’s not really a move that I practice, I think it’s just something that comes natural from wrestling for so many years. It was a great lock, I realized that I had it and I knew that I just needed to be tough and hold the position, and eventually he would run out (of air).

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