Illegal Move That Caused Jon Jones To Be Deducted 2 Points During Title Fight

Illegal Move That Caused Jon Jones To Be Deducted 2 Points During Title Fight

In the main event of tonight’s UFC 235 event, Jon Jones faced off with Anthony Smith with the UFC Light Heavyweight Title on the line.

The fight was a quick turn around for Jones who recently defeated Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 in a rematch of their classic 2013 bout.

However, unlike their first fight, Jones defeated his Swedish opponent second time around with relative ease, earning the TKO victory in the third round of the fight.

Credit: USA Today

With UFC 232 now just over three months ago, Jones’ appearance in the main event also marked the shortest time he has had between fights since way back in 2011.

His fight with Smith also marks the first time that Jones has ever faced an opponent that is younger than him in the Octagon.

As has become so commonplace in the career of Jon Jones, controversy is never too far away. In the previous few months, Jones has repeatedly tested positive for a metabolite of the performance-enhancing drug turinabol, with USADA ruling that the drug must still be in his system from before he was suspended.

The metabolite has been shown to have a “pulsing” effect, leaving some of Jones tests to appear clean, with others showing atypical results.


  • Dec. 28: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)
  • Dec. 29: Clean (USADA, CSAC)
  • Jan. 6: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)
  • Jan. 7: M3 metabolite (VADA for CSAC)
  • Jan. 13: Clean (VADA for CSAC)
  • Feb. 1: Clean (USADA)
  • Feb. 9: Clean (VADA for CSAC)
  • Feb. 14: M3 metabolite (NAC)
  • Feb. 15: M3 metabolite (NAC)
  • Feb. 18: Clean (VADA for NAC)
  • Feb. 23: Pending (USADA)

His opponent tonight, Anthony Smith told reporters this week that he wasn’t concerned about the presence of the substance in Jones’ body, instead choosing to leave the speculating to the experts:

It’s expected, I didn’t have any doubt in my mind. For whatever reason he tends to pulse when he gets close to a fight. I would’ve been more shocked if it wasn’t that. It is what it is. I talked to Bob Bennett, and we’re good,

Smith earned his shot at Jones by going on a tear after moving up to light heavyweight last year.

Despite enjoying mixed success competing for most of his career at 185lbs, the six foot three Smith has proven to be a completely different animal without having to endure such a drastic weight cut.

Credit: Lowkick MMA

In the space of just five months, Smith finished former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions Rashad Evans and Shogun Rua, before beating recent title challenger Volkan Oezdemir by submission in October, with the latter two earning him performance of the night bonuses.

At yesterday’s weigh-ins, after an intense staredown with his opponent, Smith told Joe Rogan that this fight was the culmination of everything he had worked towards in MMA.

Jon Jones went on to win the fight fairly comfortably, but managed to almost get himself DQed after landing a kick to Smith’s head while he was down on the ground.