Josh Emmett Lands Perfect ‘Movie Scene’ Right Hand KO On Michael Johnson

Josh Emmett Lands Perfect ‘Movie Scene’ Right Hand KO On Michael Johnson

Josh Emmett just flatlined UFC Veteran in the third round of their featherweight match.

Wi8th just two fights in the UFC’s featherweight division, Josh Emmett made decent name for himself. After a clear-cut decision victory over Felipe Arantes, Emmett knocked out top-15 talent Ricardo Lamas in super violent fashion. However, his quick climb through the ranks came to a screeching halt at the hands of Jeremy Stephens (He knows who the fook he is).

As Emmett learned, time away from the cage can have its pros and most definitely it’s cons.

“From a personal standpoint, it was a good year,” said Emmett. “But from a competitive standpoint, [it was] probably one of the lows of my MMA career.”

The low points came from a handful of injuries that left Emmett doubting if his career would even continue.

“I suffered several injuries. It took me a while just to recover and get back to feeling okay,” Emmett said. “At some point, I thought, ‘Man, is this ever going to go away? Am I ever going to be able to fight again?”“The benefit of that,” he started, always the optimist, “[was] just giving myself 13 months, giving myself the necessary time to recover.”

Emmett said that in the nearly three years he’s been in the UFC, he’s only once felt 100 percent.

“I’ve been fighting in the UFC injured my whole career except my first fight [against Jon Tuck],” he said. “That was the only time I felt 100 percent.”

Emmett pointed to the Scott Holtzman fight as an example of fighting injured. Even though he walked away the winner in that fight, Emmett suffered a separated AC joint in the lead-up.

“It was borderline grade-three, almost needed surgery,” Emmett explained. “I couldn’t grapple. I couldn’t wrestle.”

With this victory, Emmett gets back into the 145-pound win column after suffering a knockout loss to top contender Jeremy Stephens all the way back in February of 2018.

Pair this insane knockout over Johnson with his one-punch finish of Ricardo Lamas in 2017 and it’s becoming clear that Emmett is one of the best power punchers in the featherweight division.

More stoppages like this one on the grand stage that is ESPN will only propel Emmett further up the divisional ladder in 2019.