Khabib and Conor Mcgregor ‘In Talks’ as biggest card in UFC history is proposed

Khabib and Conor Mcgregor ‘In Talks’ as biggest card in UFC history is proposed

It’s been dreamed about, postulated and now they’re apparently in talks! McGregor and Nurmagomedov management have begun discussing the prospect of what would undoubtedly be most gargantuan, hyped clash to ever grace the octagon. That in itself is a further step than we have seen in many of the speculative matchups in the past.

As we all know, Conor has been a naughty boy lately, summoned to appear in court in New York, in June. So it is unlikely that he will announce the fight before that is done and dusted. That means the fight itself is likely to take place, if at all, towards the end of 2018 or early 2019.

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But Khabib doesn’t want that. Speaking last week, the Russian star said,

“We’re talking, but if it takes too long, I don’t want to do that. If he wants to fight this year, then we can fight. Otherwise, I don’t know. We won’t wait long. I want to fight Conor and if he can fight, I will fight him.”

Those are some pretty enticing words.


If his history is anything to go by, McGregor is all about setting records and breaking boundaries. This back to this time last year as the Maymac hype was being built. It would be difficult for the Irishman to take a step back to a smaller stage. Nurmagomedov would be one of the only fighters worth fighting to McGregor which leaves us, the fans, increasingly hopeful of an announcement in the near future.


The undefeated Russian’s manager has stated via a post on his Instagram account that there are multiple fighters in the lightweight division that are genuine contenders for the belt. A mouthwatering triple-header would not just answer many questions about proper rankings, but as an event is unlikely to be matched for some time. It would also be like all our Christmas’ coming at once.

But for now, the spotlight is on this pair. A showdown for the ages. We are crossing multiple body parts that the management teams can agree and get this sorted out quickly!

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