Kimbo Slice’s Son Carried Out of Cage On Stretcher After Vicious TKO

Kimbo Slice’s Son Carried Out of Cage On Stretcher After Vicious TKO

Bellator 207 has thrown up a gigantic upset with Kevin Ferguson Jr going down by TKO to Corey Browning in a volatile affair.

The Uncasville event saw short-priced favourite, but heavily fatigued ‘Baby Slice’ knocked down with 3 minutes to go in the second round.

The shocked crowd looked on, revelling in the come-from-behind victory as Ferguson Jr was removed from the cage by stretcher and taken for treatment.

The opening round started with fireworks as Slice rushed in from the opening bell.

He almost immediately landed a brutal overhand which saw Browning on the back foot, taken totally by surprise at the speed and power from the young prodigy.

A takedown into a modified rear-naked choke was abandoned my Slice, realising he was incorrectly positioned.

Upon standing up, Slice delivered some fantastic knees that rattled Browning, and the crowd believed they were witnessing Ferguson’s short odds manifested.

A series of extra knees and thwarted takedown attempts dominated the majority of round one before Browning was able to even things up with a brilliant sweep, allowing him to take Ferguson’s back.

The end of the round saved Ferguson from a crucifix hold that could have ended things in an upset within the first round.

But It wasn’t to be, the two fighters breaking, breathing heavily from an amazing action-packed first round.

Credit: MMA Junkie

The second started just like the first one with Slice rushing Browning, but this time Browning was used to the pace and was able to deliver his own counterpunches that landed sweetly, hurting Slice.

From the ground, he was able to scramble out and get his own mount on Browning. He wasn’t able to put the fight away, though and the youngster was fatiguing badly.

Credit: Cageside Press

Browning was able to turn the tables, gain his own mount and rain blows upon Slice until the ref said enough was enough.

There was a degree of mercy in the ground and pound with Browning not trying to kill Slice, in full knowledge of the fact that he wasn’t coming back from there.

Check out the finish here.