Man Plays The ‘Knockout Game’ With The Wrong Dude, Gets Destroyed

Man Plays The ‘Knockout Game’ With The Wrong Dude, Gets Destroyed

The knockout game is one of the more interesting internet trends to surface in recent years. The gist of the “game” is that participants choose an unsuspecting stranger to attack with the aim of scoring a one-punch knockout.

Although the number of instances of such a game is heavily disputed, with some claiming that the prevalence of attacks has been exaggerated by the media, there has definitely been a number of confirmed reports of assaults related to the trend.

Of course, managing to score a one-punch knockout on someone who isn’t anticipating a fight hardly makes you the next Mark Hunt.

An old boxing adage tells us that “It’s the punch you don’t see is the punch that hurts the most.” It’s pretty clear that these attacks are nothing more than cowardly assaults, but unfortunately the culpruits are so rarely forced to engage in an actual fight they never get their comeuppance on camera.

But every now and then, some idiot decides to play the knockout game with the wrong kind of guy.

Initially, the footage appears to just show a group of people chilling around a bar in the US. That is, until the attacker emerges in the far right of the picture, before making his way around the bar towards his target. Once he is within striking distance of his “victim”, the attacker throws a punch so deviod of pugilitic intent that it would probably be considered a friendly gesture in Eastern Europe.

Problem is, having done absolutely no damage with his sucker punch, the attacker now has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

The “victim” wastes no time in assuming a hockey fighting stance, and clubbing his attacker with clinch strikes that Wanderlei Silva would be proud of, dropping the attacker.

He then sprawls his weight down on the guy, who probably now wishes he had chosen just about anyone else to victimise, and proceeds to continually land strikes on his head, followed by a couple soccer kicks just for good measure.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to be the kind of guy who is weak enough to resort to sucker punching someone, maybe don’t go for the behemouth looking dude who’s just trying to enjoy a drink.