Like Father, Like Son, Kimbo Slice Jr. Is Legit! Dominates Bellator Opponent In Minutes

Like Father, Like Son, Kimbo Slice Jr. Is Legit! Dominates Bellator Opponent In Minutes

Kimbo Slice was a hell of a fighter. Making a name for himself as a street fighter, the Florida-based, Bahamian fighter was only defeated once on the streets. He moved into MMA where he enjoyed a short and mixed career before his untimely death due to heart failure in 2015. His legacy lives on, however, through his son and, looks-to-be heir to his fighting name, Kimbo Junior.

Kevin Ferguson Jr, or as he is better known, ‘Baby Slice’ is not cut from the same cloth as his father, He is a leaner, faster, more handsome unit who is getting it done in Bellator at the moment. Sporting a pro-record of 3-1, the MMA star is an up and comer, at the tender age of 26. He fights out of his hometown of West Hartford in Connecticut.

Apparently, during his upbringing, Kimbo Jr did not share his father’s passion for fighting. His small stature meant he was on the receiving end of several defeats despite his father’s renowned prowess. However, keen to carry on his father’s legacy, he began training competitively where his genetic talent was able to be brought out.

Credit: BJ Penn

His Bellator debut in 2017 was less than impressive, with the star being choked out by Aaron Hamilton in the second round. But since then, Ferguson has not put a foot wrong, defeating opponents by TKO and submission, showing his versatility. This was on display firmly and pointed out by commentators in his recent win over Devon Brock. The first round victory took only 1:35 to complete with a rear-naked choke showing his ground-game is streets ahead of what his father’s ever was.

His initial takedown came on the back of a superb right hook that allowed him a top mount. From there he was able to pick Brock apart, eventually getting his back. From there a simple transition to the choke saw Brock tap out and the fight completed.

Check out the superb effort from a great name in fighting on the player below.