Man is Secretly Filmed Brutally Slapping and Choking His Girlfriend After Argument

Man is Secretly Filmed Brutally Slapping and Choking His Girlfriend After Argument

No matter how far we come as a society to having mutual respect between sexes, there are still incidents that come into the public eye far too often for us to say we have a handle on domestic violence. Whilst it can go both ways, it is reported far more often than men are the cowardly perpetrators of violence against women. Being generally physiologically stronger than women, men have a responsibility to not use this unfair advantage against females regardless of what has happened. But as we see in the disturbing clip below, the message just isn’t getting through.

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Victor Junqueira, a 24-year-old man from Brazil was secretly filmed by his then-girlfriend Luciana Sinzimbra during an argument after a dinner with friends in Goiania. As the argument which was verbal at the start came to head, Sinzimbra had a strange feeling that things were going to get nasty and made the smart move to hide her cell phone with a recording camera facing her.

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I was a good thing she did. As the video opens we see a clearly emotional Junqueira sitting on the edge of the bed and has accused Sinzimbra of lying to him. All of a sudden he rises and slaps the 26-year-old woman across the face. She is shocked but struggles to kick him off as he appears to lunge in order to strike her again.

Stop hitting me,’ Sinzimbra can be heard saying. ‘You’re hitting me again.’

‘I’ll beat you up more,’ he replies, ‘you lied to me that whole time.’

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Later, in an interview, Sinzimbra recalled the encounter with disbelief. She said:

‘You can’t believe that the person you spent three years with will hurt you, will hit you or [try] to kill you,’

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The authorities gained possession of the footage and whilst Junquiera was not arrested, he was charged with bodily injury, threatening and domestic violence. He is not allowed to contact Sinzimbra while the police look over the case. He faces up to four years and six months in jail if found guilty.

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See the disturbing footage here.