SportsCenter: ‘This Might Be Candidate For Knockout Of The Year’

SportsCenter: ‘This Might Be Candidate For Knockout Of The Year’

Oh boy! Canadian sensation Mandel Nallo has kept his unbroken winning record intact with an emphatic victory over Carrington Banks at Bellator 207.

The lightweight is not the most accomplished man on the circuit, but then he only really comes to fight once per year.

However, his reputation has switched from a submission king to a superior striker proving that he can do what it takes to get the job done.

Before the fight, Banks knew what he was in for, saying:

“He’s a longer guy who likes to throw kicks and keep his distance pretty well, so I’ve got to keep him on his back foot, do well with my distance and just be me. I’ve got to go out there and let go and not hold anything back. If I be myself everything will work out.”

Credit: MMA Junkie

The two Canadians took to the cage but the first round was largely uneventful with Nallow trying to execute a number of takedown attempts, but his counterpart’s defence holding strong.

It wasn’t until the second round begen that the fireworks began. Well, one firework really.

A huge knee will go down as one of the best knockouts of all time with Banks’ eyes rolling back in his head as he was out cold on the way to the deck.

This was the result of a perfectly timed knee that echoed over the crowd noise in Connecticut as it cannoned into his jaw, spinning his head.

The crowd and commentators to a while to cotton onto what had exactly happened as Banks fell, such was the subdued nature of the fight until that point.

Credit: MMA Fighting

The loss was the second on the trot for Banks, who was disappointed with his previous fight, against Adam Piccolotti at Bellator 199, going down on a night he “didn’t perform”.

But it was all smiles for Nallo who is now 7-0 with all his fights being stopped. After the fight, Nallow was asked about the win.

“It’s a nice win over a very very good guy…

You can see it was a good shot, my knee is bruised!

You don’t live your everyday life hearing sounds and doing that sort of stuff to people, so when it happens it’s like geez, oh man, this sh*t’s crazy!”

Credit: MMA Junkie

Check out the sweet, sweet impact of the perfectly-timed knee on the player below.