McGregor Brings In Russian Clone of Khabib and Knocks Him Out Cold

McGregor Brings In Russian Clone of Khabib and Knocks Him Out Cold

With just three weeks until Conor McGregor’s hotly anticipated showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Irish fighter is doing everything in his power to ensure victory in Laz Vegas on October 6th. Nurmagomedov is undefeated and renowned for his wrestling ability meaning that Conor is thought to need to strike him out or focus on his aversion techniques to ensure the fight is contested. Then again, McGregor’s untold striking ability has to strike fear into Khabib’s camp with the star coming the closest he has been to being defeated by renowned striker Al Iaquinta in April.

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In a montage released by the McGregor camp to generate excitement for UFC 229 next month, McGregor’s fierce regimen has been somewhat unveiled. A mix of conditioning training including cycling and sparring (obviously) shows that the Irish star is in some devastating form. But one featured slice from the video shows McGregor knocking down the man who joined his camp for a single sparring session.

In a psychological move, The McGregor camp invited one Ayub Magomadov to come down for a little session. The Dagestan fighter hails from the same region, next to Chechnya that Nurmagomedov comes from. Primarily focusing on grappling, the black-belt jiu-jitsu star indicated that McGregor had ‘solid grappling skills’ meaning that the contest against Nurmagomedov may not be the striker vs grappler affair that it has been largely made out to be. Conor also showed huge respect for the man:

News of the Dagestani’s ‘defection’ to the Irishman’s team spread far and wide prompting a hail of hate on social media. But the Dagestan team, as well as Magomadov himself, have come back defending the move and telling the world to stop being so sensitive.

“To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Conor to post that photo with me. But I wasn’t surprised with that negative reaction – I am an adult man. I would say it felt like a useful experience for me to see the negative side of the situation, to see all those haters around. I have learned a lot from that.”

Check out the brutal video here:

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