Conor McGregor Tried Celebrating Son’s 1st Bday, But Everybody Was Looking At His Bulge

Conor McGregor Tried Celebrating Son’s 1st Bday, But Everybody Was Looking At His Bulge

Currently-bailed bad boy of the UFC, Conor McGregor is back in the spotlight this week as the star celebrated his son, Conor Jr’s. first birthday.

The Irishman was wearing a trademark loud party shirt, unbuttoned to the midriff, and again from the naval down; a white pair of tight shorts; a gold chain and a broad smile.

He posed with his girlfriend, Dee Devlin and with Conor Jr…. also with his son.

Conor’s unfortunate (or deliberate) wardrobe choices led to a malfunction of a revealing nature.

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As many of Conor’s followers pointed out, the prominent outline of the man’s shaft was quite eye-catching.

Conor Jr’s 1st birthday party ❤️

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You see the nature of tight-fitting white pants or shorts is that they are very revealing.

The light and shadows are more pronounced by the reflective nature of the colour leading to the considerable outlining and definition of any protrusion lurking underneath.

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It’s not the first time that McGregor, who seems to be a fan of light-coloured lower-half garments, has had his member brought to the fore.

At the infamous weigh-in for the MayMac fight last year, Conor was caught rocking at least three fifths of a chubb in front of millions around the world whilst sporting a light-grey trunk-style pair of underwear.

The internet, with its ever-present moral compass has called the appropriateness of McGregor posing with his son and his tackle on display into question. But, as always, opinion is split:

‘That bulge is sick, bro…killing it with that monster’,

‘You can literally see your dick in the last shot bro’.

‘it’s a children’s party!!!!’

‘Gah those pants! What are they?! A smedium?!?

‘🍆 have you seen this 🤓’

Conor is currently out on $50,000 bail until his court appearance on June 14th for smashing up a UFC bus filled with fighters and teams.

He’s yet to make an official comment on the incident.