Meet The Wrestler That Could Have Destroyed The UFC Heavyweight Division

Meet The Wrestler That Could Have Destroyed The UFC Heavyweight Division

For a man who’s never even entered a professional MMA fight, there’s an awful lot of buzz about Russian wrestler Bilyal Makhov and contract with the UFC. 

Joe Rogan is among many who think the giant will ‘run through’ dudes once his career takes off.

At 6 foot five, Makhov weighs in at 300lbs.

That makes him a daunting prospect for any fighter – and that’s without taking into account his world-class ability to wrestle opponents into submission.

He’s also a proponent of the lethal ‘preying mantis’ style of martial arts. Credit: Craziest Sports Fights

Joe Rogan has predicted Makhov will ‘destroy’ the heavyweight division of the UFC. On his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan said, “There’s this Russian dude who’s gonna join the ranks of MMA. This dude is so good, he’s so technical and so fu*kin stupid-strong… his fu*kin takedowns are ruthless. He runs through guys!”

Even though Makhov signed up with UFC a while ago now, he is yet to fight on his debut card. That hasn’t stopped the speculation though. “Watch this motherfu*ker wrestle,” Rogan said. “

He’s so fu*king fast and so big and so strong, and when he gets to MMA, he’s running through motherfu*kers. You are not stopping his takedown!”

Did somebody shave a silverback? Credit: Craziest Sports Fights

Despite Rogan’s confidence in Makhov’s size and fundamental wrestling ability, he’s also identified an area of weakness that Makhov himself has said he’s working on – his striking.

After reviewing a video, Rogan conceded that although Makhov could probably ‘punch a f**king hole through your universe,” and, “could just haymaker on you” because he’s “such a big f**king gorilla,” his striking needed work.

On the flip-side of that, Rogan is quick to point out that as Makhov’s already an elite athlete, he wouldn’t be surprised if he picked up those elements of technique very quickly.

“Guys who become that level world champion at anything that’s combat-sport related, they figure it out…This is a big mother**ker. You do not want this guy hitting (or kicking) you!” he finished.

Presumably his Tinder pic. Credit: Wrestling Arena

There have been whisperings online that Makhov is due to debut at some point this year.
It’ll be interesting to see if this man mountain has taken his time in making a debut so he could perfect his striking.

Unfortunately, we may never see him fight in MMA after the following statement was released, althought there are rumours about drug use and potential problems with USADA.

“Bilyal decided that the next six months or a year he should devote himself to the family, and not to training. He wants to stay with his family, his wife, have children, he and his wife do not have them yet. When he returns to the sport, and if he returns at all, Bilyal himself does not know. But he still does not talk about the end of his career, “Komsomolskaya Pravda quotes Rashid Zirarova, coach of the Dagestan national wrestling team.

See video of the big Russian training here:

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