Michael Page forces opponent to quit after ridiculing him

Michael Page forces opponent to quit after ridiculing him

It’s official, he’s done it again.

MVP has proved he is a true entertainer and delivered an electrifying performance at Bellator 200 after making David Rickels literally quit competition mid-fight.

Having spent a total of 18 months out of the cage, Michael Page has shown absolutely no sign of rust during the match.

With his usual lighting-fast strikes and playful style, Page was playing around with Rickels much like a predator plays with its food.

During the early minutes of the contest, MVP landed multiple series of blows and a nasty spinning head-kick while Rickels wasn’t finding the target on most of his strikes.

From this point onwards, it was crystal-clear who was going to absolutely take over this bout. By the end of Round 1, Page connected on a powerful right-hand strike that left a serious cut above Rickels’ eye.

To make matters worse for Rickels, by the start of Round 2 it was clear that the trash talk and the strikes had become unbearable for ‘The Caveman’, who told the ref he was not gonna go at it any longer.

Credit: Bellator MMA

You don’t often see a professional fighter verbally quit a fight. Needless to say, Page was furious when he saw that it was over, saying afterward:

“I wanted to keep it long, man. I was throwing things at him just so he couldn’t get my range properly. I wanted him to get back up, by this point I knew I had his timing and knew he was over. ”

The pace and precision of the unorthodox  27-year old striking specialist was too much for Rickels to handle, and MVP had no doubt about it:

Credit: Bellator MMA

“I don’t blame him, he didn’t want to be in there any longer with me.”

Page mentioned in the post-fight interview that he dedicates this victory to his cousin Helena Ramsay, who tragically died at the horrible Florida school shooting that claimed 17 lives in February.

With this triumphant return, there’s no denying ‘MVP’ is going to pick things up exactly where he left off.


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