MMA Fighter Goes For WWE Style ‘Moonsault’ off Cage At Road FC 52

MMA Fighter Goes For WWE Style ‘Moonsault’ off Cage At Road FC 52

It is fair to say that the world of MMA has undergone a revolution in the last few years.

Now firmly on the mainstream map as a result of Conor Mcgregor’s successful crossover campaigns to the boxing world, MMA grabs headlines at whatever opportunity it can.

As such, diversity within the sport is at an all-time high and with that diversity comes a willingness amongst fighters to differentiate, stand out and maintain an edge.

One such fighter, Brazilian Michel Pereira is one that is incredibly hard to counter.

Credit: Lowkick MMA

This isn’t because he has the soundest technique, or is the hardest striker, it is purely down to the fact that comparatively, he is a madman!

His recent efforts at ROAD 52 shocked the fighting world as the BJJ star injected a series of unconventional moves into his victory over Korean Dae Sung Kim.

Credit: Muay Thai Authority

Known for his flashiness, Pereira used the cage to his advantage as he mounted a number of attacks. Kim’s defenses were easily compromised by the constant changing of angle when Pereira’s movements would see him leap off the cage.

The moves, generally only seen in professional wrestling raised eyebrows amongst traditionalists, and drew high praise from fans.

Some of the highlights can be seen in the clip below where Pereira knocks Kim to the mat with flying knees.

Kim tries to prevent a grapple with kicks from the ground, but the Brazilian has other things in mind, spinning around and executing an illegal, but none the less impressive backflip kick. The stunt halted proceedings while the referee sorted things out.

But Pereira wasn’t done as he continued his flamboyant attack with an absolutely epic spinning side kick getting Kim to the mat once again. After a thwarted attack vaulting off the side of the cage, Pereira mounted the top bar and launched an amazing ‘Moonsault’.

Credit: MMA Fighting

Pereira would go on to win the fight in the second round, more traditionally with punches, kicks and knees leading the referee to give some respite to Kim, waving off the fight.

The win takes Pereira’s record to 22-9 with pundits wondering what he can deliver next!

Check out his outstanding efforts on the player below.