Mike Tyson’s Medical Marijuana Ranch One Step Closer To Opening

Mike Tyson’s Medical Marijuana Ranch One Step Closer To Opening

In case you haven’t heard, Proposition 64 means that as of last year, marijuana is now available for sale and distribution on the public market in California and a handful of other states in the US. Since before the announcement in 2016, budding entrepreneurs have been champing at the bit to sink their teeth into what is looking to be a very lucrative market given the variety of uses, both medicinal and recreational that the green has. One of the latest celebrities to try to grab a piece of the action is none other than ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson.

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Tyson and his business partners, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen have sited and are in planning to construct a huge pot resort in the middle of the Mojave Desert, northwest of Los Angeles, en route to Las Vegas. The announcement and strong advocacy for the marijuana movement saw Tyson grace the first 2019 edition of Dope Magazine.

The ranch is planned to be split into two, with half the 40-acre block to be a plantation housing a variety of crops. The other half will be a research facility, accommodation and the resort itself. The grounds will feature premium ‘glamping’ facilities as well as a huge amphitheatre for live artists to perform and entertain the patrons.

The research facility is a huge drawcard with the aim of producing, not only the leaves but extracting its elemental strains of high-quality THC and CBD, the venture is as much about research and development of products as it is about relaxation.

Tyson Ranch is also giving back to the community, in particular, to the armed forces. It has been said that the facility will be staffed largely by service veterans. There is logic to the move as well, with CBD, used as a treatment for soldiers suffering from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The venture received a boost via a promotional post on the newly created Instagram page, @tysonranchofficial which already boasts nearly 40k followers. The post reads:

“Tyson Ranch Holistic Summit. @edsbritton hosts. Elite athletes talk about how they use cannabis to combat concussions and opioid abuse.”

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