MMA Fighter Pulls Off An Epic Fake Heart Attack To Knockout Combo

MMA Fighter Pulls Off An Epic Fake Heart Attack To Knockout Combo

MMA throws up some pretty bizarre stuff but one of the more crazy incidents occurred earlier this yeah when “Big John” Ivey clutched his chest in agony, appearing to many to be having a heart attack after he was kicked by opponent Travis Fulton. But what happened after the antics was even stranger!

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The footage below shows that after clutching his chest, Ivey quickly darted in, after Fulton had dropped his hands, catching him with a barrage of undefended strikes, knocking him to the deck. More flush strikes in the ground and pound meant Ivey feel he had bested Fulton and he then mercifully allowed him to rise to his feet before tapping out.

The reason for this was that Fulton was something of an idol to Ivey. Ivey even went so far as to have Fulton’s image tattooed on his thigh – that’s some pretty high-level respect! But “Big John” denies that he faked a heart attack as accused by many. He explains below that the stunt was merely a bit of fun, and part of his typical histrionics.

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“Back in ’98 when I made my debut, it was on a HOOKnSHOOT card back when that was a big deal. I was on the undercard, and Travis Fulton was the main event that night. From then on, I always looked up to him. I got him tattooed on my leg maybe 10 years ago. I based my career on his, just how active he was, how he would always go in and fight guys in their hometowns. He was just that guy.

He was a warrior to me. I wasn’t able to win some of the fights he won. He was always a little bit better than me. I was kind of like the poor man’s Travis Fulton, but I was OK with that. The crowd went ‘oooh!’

So I acted like it hurt me. I’ve seen people say I was faking a heart attack, or I was disrespecting him by doing that, but that wasn’t what I was doing. I like having fun in there. I’ve done stuff like that in 50 or 60 of my fights. I like playing it up for the crowd.

After the second left, his eyes rolled back in his head. I turned to the ref and said, ‘OK, he’s done ref.’ The ref said, ‘No he’s not. Keep fighting.’ So I switch it up and throw a couple straight rights, thinking he’s fixing to jump in there. Then Travis comes back to, and he’s not defending himself but he switches his hips.

I moved around and put my knee on his head, and then I started throwing some real light rights hands. He’s not defending himself. He’s defenseless. So I say to the ref, ‘Come on, this is it.’ And the ref says, ‘Keep fighting.’

If this had been some guy who’d been a real jerk to me, I’d have kept hitting him, but this was Travis Fulton, ‘The Ironman.’ So I hit him a couple more times, and I looked at the ref like, don’t make me keep hitting him. But the ref was adamant. So I stood up and backed away. The ref said, ‘What are you doing?’ I told him that if he wasn’t going to stop it, I would.

It was a split-second call. I’m just not going to stand there and hit Travis Fulton unnecessarily. I’d already hit him 15 or 20 times, and he wasn’t throwing anything back. He was defenseless.”

Credit: Southland Videos

Check out the stunt on the player below.