MMA Fighter Knocks Out Opponent Cold Without Even The Slightest Touch

MMA Fighter Knocks Out Opponent Cold Without Even The Slightest Touch

MMA tests the physical limits of every woman or man who enters the cage. The combination of mental and physical exhaustion as a result of heightened adrenaline, exertion and sensory perception means that professional fighters are amongst the fittest and well-trained athletes in the world. But when you reach that level some funny things can happen like what occurred at XFC28 in Brisbane, Australia.

The fight between Michael McDaniel and James Vake was looking to be a good one. The two young up and comers each vying for personal pride and to cement their places on the circuit were geared up and ready to go. The first round opened somewhat normally and evenly. A flurry of strikes by the more experienced McDaniel was offset by a superb takedown by Vake that saw McDaniel in strife.

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Vake got McDaniel into a triangle hold which he struggled to get out of. The pair were engaged like that for some time before McDaniel was able to convert the hold to one of his own. A stalemate ensued with the fighters both returning to their feet.

While McDaniel had shown far better striking ability in the early stages, as the pair rose, an uncanny thing happened. Unprovoked and without intervention, McDaniel’s eyes glazed over, he stiffened and fell to the canvas completely out cold. We have all seen delayed reactions to mid-drift strikes, but the unprecedented fall had the crowd worried.

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The announcer set to reassure them:

“All of these fighters, before they come into the cage, they are given full medicals. They are checked thoroughly by doctors. So, as you can see, it’s not that the fighter is unfit. He is a very, very fit man indeed. But unfortunately, on this occasion, fight four tonight has been ruled as a no contest.”

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The XFC was able to explain what went down via Facebook:

“An unfortunate scene followed, which doctors have diagnosed due to a lack of oxygen to the brain during McDaniel’s submission escapes. XFC is pleased to say that he is fit and healthy and in the process of getting his medical clearance.”

Check out the disturbing footage below.

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