MMA Fighter Sings Own Entrance Song, Then Gets Humiliated When Fight Starts

MMA Fighter Sings Own Entrance Song, Then Gets Humiliated When Fight Starts

Amateur or pro, it takes guts to jump into the cage. You never know what is coming at you. Your opponent has been training as hard as you and what confronts you after the touch of gloves is really anyone’s guess. So when fighters enter the arena, they often wear headphones in order to concentrate or play a favourite song to help gee them up and heighten their adrenalin and senses. But no matter how big your stones are when it comes to fighting, public speaking, or public singing is still one of humans’ most feared tasks. But not for South Korean fighter, Heo Jae-Hyuk, who does both without batting an eyelid!

Credit: Tapology

ROAD 50 saw the second appearance the of 33-year-old South Korean. The 6’0” behemoth had previously knocked off Jae Hun Kim at ROAD 46 and was again in no mood to muck around. But instead of getting fired up to his favorite song by Imagine Dragons by merely having it play in the background as he wandered out, Big Heo decided to grab the mic and belt it out himself.

Credit: Muay Thia Authority

Wearing his glasses and sporting a wicked Dad-bod, the crowd lapped it up. Singing is a big part of the culture of many Asian nations and the South Korean took pride in showcasing his vocal chords. He didn’t do a bad job either!

However, despite having the voice of an angel, Jae-Hyuk couldn’t get the job done in the cage, being absolutely trounced by fellow countryman Yoon Jae Shim. The opening bell had barely rung before Jae-Hyuk was on the back foot and unable to defend against Shim’s barrage of strikes.

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Eventually falling against the cage where his hands were down, Shim had a free-for-all, knocking the South Korean out before the referee jumped in to wave things off.

Check out the fantastic singing, in stark contrast to the mediocre cage performance on the player below.