MMA Fighter Smacks Out Ring Girl After Losing Fight

MMA Fighter Smacks Out Ring Girl After Losing Fight

We love a good dust-up in the cage. Nothing better than seeing a really fair and even fight going down to the wire and whilst the big knockouts are awesome, sometimes it’s the technical stalemates that are more enthralling to the fighting aficionados out there. Such is what happened back in 2016 when the U.S-based fighter, Andrew Whitney and Farkhad Sharipov went the five-round distance at Titan FC 42. But whilst the action in the cage was good, the action after was better as the clip below shows.

You see the event won’t be remembered for the fighting itself. For the rest of time, Titan FC 42 will be known as the infamous time when Whitney punched a ring girl! The incident occurred post fight when the decision was being made. Whitney had fought valiantly and knew he was in with a shot at the end of the tight tussle. But it wasn’t to be as Sharipov’s name was announced as the victor.

Credit: Wereblog

Well, they don’t call him ‘The Beast’ for nothing. Whitney’s rage was on full display as his eyes filled with blood and he threw a blind punch in frustration. But as he turned in disgust, his momentum would see his fist cannon straight into the poor ring girl’s jaw!

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The strike was completely unintentional and we are happy to report the girl is okay, just a complete shock and something you don’t see every day! Titan Fighting Championship CEO Jeff Aronson said.

“Our ring card girl was attended to by the ringside doctor and officials. She indicated she was fine and was more surprised by the punch than injured.”

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The sad thing is, we haven’t seen ‘The Beast’ in the cage since. Whitney is a class fighter having lost only 5 times in 19 starts. He is still in training, so you never know when we are going to see him pop up next.

Check out the footage of the punch on the player below.

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