The Moment Fans Realized Conor McGregor Is Balls Deep Inside Khabi’s Head

The Moment Fans Realized Conor McGregor Is Balls Deep Inside Khabi’s Head

Well, if New York’s UFC 229 press conference starring Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov wasn’t enough to get audiences jacked for the October 6th fight, nothing will. The proceedings were dominated, as expected, by an outspoken and overbearing McGregor who took every break in Khabib’s rhetoric to interject and get the focus back on himself. If slander and libel were an issue in trash talk, McGregor would be up for a myriad of charges as he slung barbs at Khabib ranging from political, to family, to religion. McGregor’s no holds barred approach to press conferences continues to engage audiences bringing his notoriety up notches with everyone her delivers

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But fans have suggested that the way the press conference went down showed a shaken and rattled Nurmagomedov. Conor’s relentless interjection even took aim when Khabib denied feeling excited by a photo with President Putin. Conor calling out, his ‘disrespect’ obnoxiously causing the Russian to backpedal wildly.

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Some of Conor’s quotes were unbelievable. At times he speaks surprisingly eloquently despite the crude undertone to his language. But on the whole the barrage of words translated to a defenceless ground and pound with Nurmagomedov’s English, understandably, not being up to the task of adequately combatting the onslaught.

“Your risk-taking is zero, your grappling is zero, I’m gonna maul you.”

“If that door opened this man would be dead now. He would be in a box and I would be in a prison cell.”

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When asked by the huge press gallery if McGregor calling his father a coward affected him in any way, the Russian did not seem overly phased, dismissing any notion that McGregor’s post had influenced him at all. A seemingly unphased Khabib said:

“Most important is the 6th of October. Now he can talk whatever way he wants… when the cage closes we are going to watch.”

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Speaking about and promoting his own whiskey label, McGregor even brought one on stage, referencing it when he said:

“If the bottle gets empty I don’t know what I will do with this man and an empty bottle.”

Towards the end of the conference, whiskey glasses were produced and Dana White and McGregor had a nip. A tongue in cheek offering to Khabib, who doesn’t drink, was seen as yet another jibe at the Russian.

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