Mother Boards School Bus And Blasts 9-Yr-Old For Bullying Her 5-Yr-Old Son

Mother Boards School Bus And Blasts 9-Yr-Old For Bullying Her 5-Yr-Old Son

From birth, most mothers have a special bond with their offspring.

Not only have they carried the growing human for nine months in the lead up to birth that can leave a situation of carnage, but then they play a top role in raising the thing.

That being said, it is understandable that mothers feel a special need to protect their young and will go to considerable lengths to do so.

The clip below shows just that as a mother learned that her child was being bullied repeatedly.

Credit: Southland Post

The school seemed to do nothing about it and thus decided to take the controversial step of intervening herself.

The story goes that a 9-year-old kid had beaten up her kindergarten-aged son.

The nine-year-old certainly needed discipline, but what he got was a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Credit: Southland Post

The mother stormed onto the bus, past the driver and demanded to know who had been bullying her son. The kids then singled out the individual and the hotblooded mother went to town on him.

She reportedly, through the grainy footage throttled the nine-year-old and punched him in the face.

The nine-year-old’s mother, speaking to news reporters made it abundantly clear that this was not okay. She said, “My son was scared for his life so he fought back.”

It doesn’t seem that there was any lasting damage to the kid who was by his mother’s side during her emotional interview.

Credit: Southland Post

The psycho mother has been charged with battery and was unavailable to be interviewed by news reporters. The nine-year old ’s mother has called for the bus driver to be fired as well for not doing her duty in protecting the kids onboard.

Check out the startling report on the player below.