Super Prospect Michael ‘Venom’ Page Defeats Paul Daly By The Skin Of His Teeth

Super Prospect Michael ‘Venom’ Page Defeats Paul Daly By The Skin Of His Teeth

It has finally happened. After years of build-up, the most anticipated fight in the history of British MMA took place tonight at Bellator 217 between Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley, and Michael Venom Page.

Ever since Paul Daley signed with Bellator in 2015, fans have clamoured to see two of the best welterweight’s in British MMA to square off in the cage. Bellator president Scott Coker delivered in a big way by announcing that the pair would meet in the first round of the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix, ensuring that the bout would be scheduled for the full five five-minute rounds.

Michael Page entered the cage tonight having never tasted defeat in his professional mixed martial arts career. After debuting in 2012, Venom instantly became one to watch because of his unprecedented for MMA striking style that is heavily inspired by sport-karate and points-based kickboxing, seeing him throw darting combinations, mixed with flashy spinning kicks.

Since then, he has also made his mark in Bellator, including landing one of the most vicious KO’s of all time against Evangelista Santos.

However, Page has also faced criticism from some parts of the MMA community who claim that prior to tonight, he had not faced anyone in the upper echelons of the welterweight division.

The criticism could not be levied at his opponent, however. Paul Daley is one of the most experienced welterweights in all of MMA, having fought a who’s who of the top talent in both the UFC and Bellator. Much like his opponent, Daley is also a highly accomplished striker, also sporting some of the most devasting knockouts in the history of the sport.

The rivalry between the two fighters has been ongoing now for years. At the Bellator media day on Wednesday, Daley refused to even look at his opponent during their staredown, while MVP did his trademark arm raise pose.

Tonight’s fight failed to live up to the hype as both Daley and Page seemed tentative to throw strikes throughout their twenty-five minute tilt.

Daley actually resorted to wrestling but was unable to land any significant damage on “MVP”.

Michael Venom Page would get the better of Daley in the fifth and final round which resulted in a unanimous decision victory from the judges in attendance, 48-47 on all three scorecards.