Michael ‘Venom’ Page Scores The Most Gangster Victory In Boxing History

Michael ‘Venom’ Page Scores The Most Gangster Victory In Boxing History

To MMA fans, Michael Venom Page needs no introduction. The gifted and flamboyant kickboxer has been a staple member of the Bellator championship for over five years and sports an unbeaten record from 13 professional bouts.

In 2017, he announced his official transition to boxing by signing a 15 fight contract with Hayemaker Ringstar thus beginning an exciting chapter in his life.

MVP was to come up against Jonathan Castano who did not sport an impressive record at the time. The Spaniard has won only twice from 14 professional starts.

Many pundits on social media wonder if the promoter, Hayemaker Promotions, could have found an easy opponent to make his debut against.

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Venom Page employed the same tactics he did in the MMA arena with his trademark arms down, ‘drunken monkey’ style. The Style is a mix of taekwondo, karate, and kung fu.

This makes his punches come from odd angles compared to those who adopt a traditional stance whilst boxing and is notoriously difficult to defend.

Despite obviously not being able to use his legs and feet in the boxing ring, the style was enough to put Castano at a serious loss for defensive answers.

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After a lopsided first and second round, MVP unleashed the beast in the third. Out of nowhere, Page delivered a devastating blow that shot through the gate collecting Castano on the chin and nearly caving in his skull.

So forceful was the strike that the follow through sent Page to the ropes where he hung, suspended, playing to the crowd before being removed to his corner by the ref.

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Castano tries to rally, but his eyes are all but dead and the fight is waved off.

Page continues to fight in both Bellator and Hayemaker Ringstar fights. He is scheduled to compete at Hayemaker Ringstar Fight Night 3 against Michal Ciach on 15 June 2018.

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