NASCAR to keep hostile UAVs away with DroneShield technology

NASCAR to keep hostile UAVs away with DroneShield technology

One of the many problems new technology has posed public events, sporting contests and performances is an effective way to combat all the drones that might sneak a peek at what is usually supposed to be an exclusive event. Until now, that is…

That means no more cheeky footage of this. Credit: NASCAR

Once upon a time, drones were used only to spy on foreign countries and bomb the crap out of the Middle East. They were controlled by highly trained members of the military who remotely operated the machines and used them with sly canniness or devastating precision depending on the mission.

Those days are gone. Drones are almost ubiquitous now. They’re available in any decent electronics store and they are more than capable of completing a massively wide range of tasks. As lampooned in South Park, they can used to perve on the neighbours, they can deliver packages, and they can be used to film anything you can fit into your field of vision.

QLD Police have been using DroneShield at the Commonwealth Games. Credit: ABC News

If there’s a sporting event you couldn’t get a ticket to, why not just send in a drone? Didn’t get the rights to film your own footage for your pirate YouTube channel? Send in a drone. Feel like checking out that NASCAR event? Send in a drone. They can even be used in high-tech crimes like this one.

From a purely financial viewpoint, big sporting organisations have plenty of reasons not to allow drones into the airspace above their event. Fortunately, DroneShield, a company that specialises in protecting airspace from drones is on the case.

NASCAR have asked them to detect and intercept hostile drones that were flying where they shouldn’t. Once DroneShield are all set up at the NASCAR, it’ll be the first time they’ve used all of their anti-drone inventions in one place.

A DroneShield DroneSentry. Credit: DroneShield

Their DroneGun, for example, scrambles the drone’s signal and forces it to make a safe landing. Their other technologies include the DroneSentry and the DroneSentinel. We really are moving into the future, and it must only be a matter of time before we start seeing this kind of anti-drone technology in regular use in our daily lives.

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