Nate Diaz Turns Gangster & Strikes Fear Throughout Ultimate Fighter House

Nate Diaz Turns Gangster & Strikes Fear Throughout Ultimate Fighter House

We all know that Nate Diaz is a pretty volatile cat and often lacks the ability to rationalise situations and control himself when the unexpected happens. We see this today as he shoots his mouth off on Twitter quicker than the US president without really thinking things through. But it was worse back in 2007 before he became a father when the then-22-year-old appeared on The Ultimate Fighter 5. Diaz put his teammates and the rest of the house on notice when he reacted badly to a prank by some of the Penn team contestants.

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Essentially, Rob Emerson wrote ‘Suck It Team Pulver’ on a wall and Diaz, upon seeing the scrawling suddenly felt a pang of personal hurt. He enters the living room of the house and demands to know who wrote it. He throws around some gangster words, flips some gang signs and acts like a bit of an idiot in expressing his disdain for the graffiti.

Rob Emerson is not scared. He pipes up admitting that he was the culprit. But what happens next is pretty shocking. Instead of acting like a rational adult, Diaz wants to fight Emerson. He removes his shirt and cap and flexes his surfboard-like rig acting like a real tough guy. One of his other housemates gets in between him and Emerson telling him to calm down and saying “Not in the house”.

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Diaz continues his solo war saying ‘If somebody writes that sh*t towards me, I’m sockin’ someone on sight’. He got his wish a week later when he lined up in the cage against Emerson, defeating him by rear naked choke in the closing stages of round two.

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Diaz would go on to win the Ultimate Fighter 5 by defeating his teammate Manny Gamburyan by submission. Manny popped his shoulder out in an unsuccessful takedown attempt meaning he was unable to continue.

Check out the gangster moment here.