New Footage of Conor McGregor Getting Jumped by Russians in the Octagon

New Footage of Conor McGregor Getting Jumped by Russians in the Octagon

It’s finally over and the dust has settled.

After months of public feuding and ever-harsher personal attacks, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov finally came together in the Octagon with UFC gold on the line in the most highly-anticipated mixed martial arts fight of all time.

While the fight was only announced just over 6 weeks ago, both men had been on a crash course to compete against one another for years. As Conor emphatically made his way through the featherweight ranks, simultaneously Khabib was becoming one of the most feared contenders at 155lbs. During this time it even seemed like the pair could’ve been friends, at least judging by their social media exchanges and photos together.

All of this changed however back in 2015 when McGregor announced his intention to move up to lightweight in a bid to become the first simultaneous two-weight UFC champion. And although an injury to then-lightweight king Raphael Dos Anjos would delay McGregor’s attempt to make history slightly, the Irishman would make sure when he finally got the chance to fight for the belt against Eddie Alvarez that he would not let his opportunity go to waste, winning in dominant fashion.

Khabib left the second press conference before Conor arrived.

Credit: Sports Illustrated

As McGregor took his highly-publicised hiatus from the sport of MMA, Nurmagomedov began his ascent towards the top of the division. Clearing out all challengers put in front of him, the Russian would finally get the chance to hold some UFC gold of his own when Conor was finally stripped prior to UFC 223.

After earning a significant payday for his super fight with Floyd Mayweather, many doubted whether McGregor would even return to combat sports whatsoever. But the Irishman’s’ desire to test his skills was too strong and his return was announced as the headliner of UFC 229 back in September.

After one of the most personal and intense rivalries in combat sports history, it was clear that both men were prepared to do whatever it took to stake their claim as the true UFC Lightweight Champion. But in the end, it turned out WINNER’S skills were too much for LOSER getting it done by way of FIGHT FINISH to earn the title as the king of the UFC lightweight division.

Khabib started well in the first round taking control on the mat for most of the first round. He didn’t appear to land too much and Conor remained calm.

During the second round, Khabib landed a wild haymaker which dropped Conor, leaving many fans stunned:

During the third round Conor was able to keep the fight on the feet for a while and Conor worked away at Khabib’s body.

During the fourth round Khabib took control and eventually was able to finish the fight.

Following the fight, Khabib jumped the cage and decided to attack Dillan Danis from Conor’s team.

All hell then broke loose inside the Octagon, with the Russian team attacking Conor. Conor can be seen getting hit and then throwing punches back as well.

Dana White refused to give Khabib the title in fear the crowd would go crazy and cause more fights between Russians and Irish and fights have started to break out all over Los Vegas. See ALL video action below: