Brock Lesnar Continues To Lose Muscle, Looks Even Worse On Latest WWE Show

Brock Lesnar Continues To Lose Muscle, Looks Even Worse On Latest WWE Show

After confronting Daniel Cormier in the Octogan following DC’s historic title win at UFC 226 Brock Lesnar appears to be preparing for a return to MMA.

‘The Beast Incarnate’ last fought in June 2016 with a decision win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

The problem with that victory is that Lesnar immediately tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs after the fight leading the result to be changed to a no contest.

Incidentally, this marked the first time Lesnar had ever been popped for PED's during his time in the WWE, UFC and, briefly, the NFL.

It also just happened to occur in his first fight since the UFC dramatically overhauled their drug-testing protocol by working with the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA).

This has led to many questioning the validity of the WWE's drug testing programme, known as their wellness policy.

If Brock was caught doping in his first ever set of drug tests from USADA, why hadn't he been flagged up in any of his prior tests?

After once again retiring from the sport of MMA following the Mark Hunt fight and failed drug test, USADA stipulations mandate that if Brock was to return to the Octagon he would have to first see out his suspension while being drug tested.

Since rejoining the USADA testing pool Lesnar has still been appearing at WWE events, but its fair to say that he has had a marked change in his physique during that time.

Even Daniel Cormier picked up on the change and sent out a tweet deriding Lesnar for the change

Now, we here at Raw Daily are not trying to diminish Lesnar still-herculean physique, or imply that his noticeable deflation is in any way related to having to comply to much more stringent drug testing.

Instead, we will let you, the reader, decide for yourself.

Has Lesnar stopped taking PED's? Will he be successful in his return to the Octagon?

Can science explain why a guy is even that big in the first place?

Who Knows.

But what we do know is that Brock Lesnar is on course to return to do what he does best, and I, for one, cannot wait.

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