UFC Fighter Punks The Sh*t Out Of Dana White And Gets Fired Immediately

UFC Fighter Punks The Sh*t Out Of Dana White And Gets Fired Immediately

Canadian MMA star Kajan Johnson is no stranger to making waves with his antics.

The BJJ black belt has been known as one of the more outspoken critics of the top-level MMA body in the world, delivering scathing opinions of the competition’s operations and running over the years.

But now it seems he has bitten the hand that feeds him one too many times as he has now announced his departure from the UFC.

The 34-year-old lightweight made his top-level debut at UFC 174 in 2014.

A memorable Fight of the Night-winning performance saw him knocked out in the third round in front of his home crowd.

He is also known for appearing in The Ultimate Fight Nations: Canada vs Australia. Prior to this, he started out in King of the Cage and XMMA competitions carving a name for himself with his violent and masterful Jiu-Jitsu skills.

Credit: MMA Junkie

But it was his outspokenness that got him in strife.

He famously quipped the UFC : “would love if I lost” his fight against Islam Makhachev at UFC on FOX30. “I think the UFC is trying to give me the best opponent that they can with the least amount of name value.”.

Not only was this a kick in the teeth to Malhachev, but also the competition in general.

Credit: MMA Junkie

It was at a ceremonial weight in for this very fight that Johnson (23-13-1) decided to pay Dana White a public disrespect when he offered a handshake on stage.

Johnson punked Dana, at the last minute swooping is hand away and running it through his hair in an outdated piece of pop-cultural douchebaggery.

“No, I thought it was a playful way to get a message across and to just kind of poke the bear a little bit.”

“Dana White has said a lot of things about a lot fighters that are very disrespectful and nobody ever says anything to him. A lot of the time, this caused a lot of anger and frustration in me which, in turn, leads to me acting out in certain ways. One of which may have been the handshake.”

The only man who got away with this is Platinum Mike Perry, when he punked his opponent at the ceremonial weigh ins, a video which viral across the internet.

Perry however, also went on to knock out his opponent.

It’s pretty clear that behind his forced grin, Dana is not a happy man!

Check out the questionable move here.